Huntley House Search

Huntley House Search

November 9, 2022 by Huntley Resident

How to Approach a Huntley House Search

During the search process, it is important to get as much information as possible about the houses you are interested in. Having the right information will help you make confident decisions that will help you find a home that you will cherish. A Realtor can be of great help in making this process of a Huntley house search as easy as possible.

When choosing a Huntley house, consider what your future needs will be. If you have children, consider whether you would like to live in a location with good schools. Also, consider the cost of remodeling your Huntley house. The property may increase in value if you make changes to it.

Huntley House Search

The advantages that Huntley has to offer

When working on a Huntley House Search, you should remember that the university is looking for first-year African-American male students. The purpose of Huntley House is to create a space where students of color can explore their leadership and identity. However, if you are an undergrad or an experienced college student, you can still apply. The U of M is also looking to purchase duplexes for Black fraternities and sororities.

A local Huntley area real estate agent can be a great asset. When searching for a new home to purchase in Huntley it helps to have an expert on your side. Buyers do not usually have to pay to work with an agent so why not take advantage of one.

Why Huntley is such a great place to live

When you start your Huntley House Search it is a good idea to have an experienced Huntley Realtor help you decide where you would like to begin your house search. Your Huntley agent can show you all the advantages the area has to offer. It is much easier to start looking for your Huntley house online, this way you can browse thru many listings and pick out the best ones to go and look at.

Buying a home in Huntley, IL is a very good investment. There are lots of great subdivisions to choose from. Your Huntley Realtor can show you prices start at about 190,000 for houses that are about 15 to 18 years old and go up to 390,000 for brand new construction. Demand for housing in Huntley has stay high because it is a very desirable place to live. Most people that visit Huntley for the first time are amazed at how beautiful the area is.

Huntley has a small-town charm in all its subdivisions. The houses are mostly newer and a little larger than most areas. There are plenty of parks and a very open feeling to the neighborhoods. There are lots of families with children of all ages. A good Huntley agent can show you how fantastic school district 158 that has grown with the community. The village has planned its growth wisely and kept the feeling of a small community even though it has grown somewhat fast.

Why would you buy a house in Huntley

Huntley started out with the Prime outlet mall and Del Web. It also has an old time public square with a gazebo in the downtown area where people would come to meet and shop. There are restaurants and store downtown on Main Street.  Route 47 has recently been given a makeover. It is now a four-lane street with many improvements. I-90 will now have a four way on and off ramps interchange at Rt 47.

We will help you decide where to start your Huntley house search.

All the great new subdivisions in Huntley

Talamore is a beautiful master planned community located at the northern tip of Huntley with 2,000 homes that include townhouses, mid-range single family and higher end homes.     

Loins Chase is at the western edge of town with 200 upper middle-class single-family homes.  

Covington Lakes is on the east side of Rt 47 and has 500 upper middle-class homes and townhouses.

Northbridge is an upper middle-class neighborhood that has 350 single family homes.  

Southwimd is on the eastern most side of Huntley and has 700 middle-class single-family homes.

Georgian Place is closest to downtown and has 350 middle-class single-family homes.

Heritage/Cider Grove is a little east and has 600 middle-class single-family homes.

Wing Pointe is on the southern part of town with 600 middle class homes and townhouses.

These are just the newest subdivisions, there are also others to choose from. Your Huntley Realtor can help you decide which one would be best for your needs. A good Real Estate Agent will listen to what you are interested in and then find you homes that meet your needs.

As you can see Huntley is a great place to search for your next house. Just give me a call or drop me an email and we can together decide how to start your Huntley house search.